There were 57 people who all felt they wanted to help me achieve my goals in my competitions for the season of 2019. With their support I was able to participate in eight out of ten events planned, including the World Championships in Canada in September ’19. 🙌

The start of the season has been postponed due to ❌ COVID-19 ❌ outbreak in the world, but nevertheless I am working towards the best I can bring to the tracks this year. The delivery of my new bike has been delayed, but the planning for the 2020 season is on.😊

To compete as much as I can I will need the help and support of everyone who can! 😇 Most events have a significant amount of self-funding required and that is why I can’t attend them all on my own. 🤠 Transfer of money is not the only way to support – sharing my profile or my webpage with your friends, family and colleagues is more than enough! 🙌

Names of my supporters are up on my webpage for the whole season and at the end of the year I am keeping some of you in mind with some merchandise. 😎

April 2020 price draw WINNER: 🙌 RENE KOLSAR! 🙌
May 2020 price draw WINNER: 🙌 ARTO TÕNNIS! 🙌
Special Supporter #33: 😇 Garry Murumets 😇
June 2020 price draw WINNER: 🙌 KEVIN KUUSIK! 🙌
July 2020 price draw WINNER: 🙌 MAARJA RÜÜTMANN! 🙌

20' budget: 10575
collected: 3696
supporters: 53


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Aivar Pärnamets
Lennart Heinoja
Janno Väinola
Juho Mattus #33

Race Schedule 2020

Training Camp – date and location ❌ Cancelled 

Finnish DH Cup #1 / 26-27.06 – Laajavuori – Place!

🇪🇪 Baltic DH Cup #1 / Estonian Champs – 04-05.07 – Kiviõli Place!

🇱🇹 Baltic DH Cup #2 / 08-09.08 – Ignalina – Place!

🇱🇻 Baltic DH Cup #3 – 29-30.08 – Sigulda – Place!

European DH Cup Stage #1 – Maribor ❌ Cancelled 

🇦🇹 World Championships – 07-11.10.2020 – Leogang

🇸🇮 DHI World Cup – – Maribor

🇮🇹 EDC IXS DH Cup #1 – Pila ❌ Cancelled 

🇨🇿 EDC IXS DH Cup #2 – Spicak ❌ Cancelled 

🇦🇹 EDC IXS DH Cup #3 – Brandnertal ❌ Cancelled 

🇦🇩 DHI WC 20-21.06.2020 Vallnord ❌ Cancelled 

🇫🇷 DHI WC  19-20.09.2020  Les Gets ❌ Cancelled