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If you feel that my activities are awesome, and you would like to help me during the season of 2019 then GIVE YOUR SUPPORTING HAND! Fill up all of the boxes below 😇 – “please acknowledge” the supporter general rules and conditions by ticking the box “I accept the terms*”.

I would like to thank every single one of you who supported me during my 2018 downhill season🙌. Participating on the races which were on my schedule last season could not have been possible for me without your support – THANK YOU! 👏 Baltic Downhill Cup Champion title 🏆 in Men Elite class was brought to Estonia after winning the Latvian 🇱🇻 and Lithuanian 🇱🇹 Championships – which has not been accomplished by Estonian before. I hope I fulfilled all the expectations of my supporters to keep you in touch with my activities through my social media channels.

Your support will be used for taking part in the races scheduled for 2019 season.

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Juho Mattus #33

Competition Schedule

Support will be used for participation on those events

🇸🇮 European DH Cup – Stage 1 – Maribor ✅ Result: 124’th

🇸🇮 World Cup – Stage 1Maribor ✅ Result: Did Not Qualify

🇸🇮 European DH Cup – Stage 2 – Kranjska Gora ✅ Result: 28’th 😍

🇱🇹 Baltic DH Cup / Stage 2 – Ignalina Result: II  🥈

🇳🇴 Training Camp / Norway – Hafjell ✅

🇪🇪 National Championships in Downhill MTB Kütiorg / Result: III 🥉

🇨🇿 European Downhill Cup Stage V – Spicak 16-18.08.2019 ❌

🇱🇻 Baltic Downhill Cup Stage III  – Crashed / DNF

🇨🇦 World Championships Downhill / Canada – Mont Saint Anne Result:

🇦🇹 European Downhill Cup Stage VI – Brandnertal 20-22.09.2019 ❌