Juho Mattus

Juho Mattus


2020 SEASON went by together with 53 Supporters who helped me reach out to 8 competition whereby from six i managed to pull out a proper result. I want to show sincere gratitude to all of the supporters who helped me through this initial pandemic year of COVID-19 and still kept me on the course of achieving my competition plan. Season 2021 is here and i have been planning for quite some time yet i can tell you only one thing, the season of 2021 will not definitely end up as currently planned. We are still deep in the health crisis and even organizing races in Estonia is a Challenge, not to say impossible. 💙

Current competition schedule what is built up below is also a big question mark yet still as a enthusiastic downhiller and competitive person, i will not give up. I will plan ahead to enjoy my much and sincerely loved sport of downhill racing. During the season of 2021 i will try to organize races in Estonia besides having goal in mind to reach out to European and World Championships. To be ready for the mentioned races i need to take part of training camps in the mountains and race couple of European Downhill cups as well. For fulfilling my goals during this season, i need your support. 💪

As a lot of effort has been put in during 2016-2020 seasons with organizing competitions in Estonia, Baltics and also building up the Estonian National Team of Downhill MTB together with Estonian Cycling Union, then the Estonian crew who will be racing this year in Europe has already grown to much bigger family. The competition schedule found below is immense and includes a lot of competitions only to be ready for postponements or even cancellations. Therefore, during the season updates will be posted here and whenever you feel like it, you can also contact me via my social media account links which can be found on the bottom right of this page – just click on the logo. To follow my actions, be sure to follow my social media channels throughout the year. 😎

21' budget: 10575
collected: 762
supporters: 20


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Race Schedule 2021

🇱🇹 Jam Session  – 29.04 Lithuania ❌ Covid-19 ❌

🇱🇻 Jam Session – 23.05 Baldone, Latvia ❌ Covid-19 ❌

🇱🇻 Enduro  – 05.06 Ogre, Latvia ❌ Covid-19 ❌

🇦🇹 DHI World Cup – 12-13.06 Leogang, Austria *Did not Participate*

🇦🇹 European DH Cup – 25-27.06 Brandnertal, Austria *Did not Participate*

🇱🇹 Urban DH – 03-04.07 Kaunas, Lithuania

🇫🇷 DHI World Cup – 03-04.07 Les Gets, France *Did not Participate*

🇪🇪 Baltic Downhill Cup / EST Champs – 15-16.05 Kiviõli, Estonia / ❗ DNF, Injury ❗

🇮🇹 European DH Cup – 23-25.07 Pila, Italy *Did not Participate, Injury*

🇱🇻 Baltic Downhill Cup / LV Champs – 24-25.07 Korde, Latvia *Did not Participate, Injury*

🇸🇮 European DH Cup – 23-25.07 Maribor, Slovenia *Did not Participate, Injury*

🇸🇮 European DHI Championships – 06-08.08 Maribor, Slovenia *Did not Participate, Injury*

🇱🇻 DH Golgats – 08.08 Madonas novadads, Gaiziņkalns, Latvia *Did not Participate, Injury*

🇱🇹 Bunda Rokas Night Ride – (no dates yet) Alytus, Lithuania *Did not Participate, Injury*

🇸🇮 DHI World Cup – 14-15.08 Maribor, Slovenia *Did not Participate, Injury*

🇨🇿 European DH Cup – 20-22.08 Spicak, Czech Republic *Did not Participate, Injury*

🇮🇹 World Championships – 24-29.08 Val Di Sole, Italy *Did not Participate, Injury*

🇱🇻 Jam Session, BBQ – 05.09 Ozokalns, Latvia

🧀 DHI World Cup – 04-05.09 Lenzerheide, Switzerland

🇱🇹 Jam Session – 05.09 Ignalina, Lithuania

🇱🇹 Baltic DH Cup / LT Champs – 12.09 Ignalina, Lithuania

🇱🇻 Jam Session, season ender – 24.10 Riekstukalns, Latvia