Juho Mattus

Juho Mattus

2022 season was so far my best ever season taking into account the participation of events, results and few injuries through the season. During that season i did not put any effort on looking for sponsor while promising rivers of champagne and mountains. I did live through the season while just trying to achieve as much as I could. We also organized an epic Estonian Championships event in Kütiorg together with 4 races in baltics (two in Estonia). I managed to participate all of the European Downhill Cup events (5 stages) which i have only pulled off now in 2017 (together with 2022). I also managed to race European and World Championships. Superb thanks from my side to ones who looked out for me during 2022 season and helped me achieve such great results. You can also check my european cup results from racement.com/en web while searching for my rider profile.

The support received in 2021 was used during 2022 and i can put my hand on my heart saying that it was a hell of a ride, best season ever in my life thanks to you guys. Lets continue the same way during 2023, train hard (even harder) and continue the furious fight. Lets put the plans into motion for 2023 and LETS GO!

During the years between 2016-2022 hard work has been done, races in Estonia and Baltics have been organized while raising the events quality together with Estonian Cycling Union and sponsors. Estonian National Downhill team has been put into motion and has been growing ever since. Lets keep that phase up and continue the work on 2023 whereby even more riders might turn up to European races from Estonia. Hereby i would like to thank everybody involved and everyone who has continued to support me along the way of keeping the wheels moving for Estonian Downhill. Bowing deeply in front of you – THANK YOU 👐


Race schedule 2022

🇭🇷 IXS European DH Cup #1 – 03.04 Losinj, Croatia Qualy 50th / Final 15th

🇸🇮 IXS European DH Cup #2 – 08.05 Maribor, Slovenia Qualy 70th / Final 26th

🇦🇹 IXS European DH Cup #3 – 05.06 Semmering, Austria Qualy 80th / Final 49th

🇳🇴 IXS European DH Cup #4 – 05.06 Voss, Norway Qualy 14th / Final 9th

🇮🇹 IXS European DH Cup #5 – 11.09 Pila, Italy Qualy 66th / Final 40th

🏁 IXS European DH Cup Overall Standing 40th, 170 points

🇱🇹 Baltic DH Cup #1 – 12.06 Lithuanian Champs Ignalina 5th

🇪🇪 Baltic DH Cup #2 – 14.07 Estonian Champs Kütiorg 3th (4th overall)

🇪🇪 Baltic DH Cup #3 – 18.08 Estonia Kütiorg 3th

🇱🇻 Baltic DH Cup #4 – 16.10 Latvian Championships Riekstukalns „Did Not Participate”

🏁 Baltic DH Cup Overall Standing 3th / 274 points

🇫🇷 World Championships – 27-28.08 Les Gets, France 100th (DNQ)

🇸🇮 European Championships – 06-08.08 Maribor, Slovenia 69th