Terms and conditions of support

Terms and conditions of support

The currency of support is EURO (€) and the minimum support amount is 5.- (€).

You can make the donation via using bank links such as Swedbank, SEB, LHV, Luminor, COOP, POCOpay, liisi ID and also credit cards are acceptable such as VISA and MasterCard.

If a supporter wishes to be anonymous then please check the box labeled “anonymous supporter” when making a donation through the website. In this case the name of the sponsor will not be published on the website (juhomattus.ee)

If the box for anonymous supporter is not ticked, the sponsor agrees that his or her name will be published on the website (juhomattus.ee). In case you accidentally did not tick the box and you see that your name has been published, please send an e-mail (juho@juhomattus.ee) to remove your name.

Supporters posted on the website will be able to receive various souvenirs/gifts to thank you for the generous support. This information is currently available on the sponsors section (juhomattus.ee).

Please note that Fun Timez Sports Club is not on the list of non-profit tax reliefs. If the sponsor wants to contribute to the company, please contact juho@juhomattus.ee separately for invoicing matters.

The support you have made will be used to meet the goals outlined in Chapter 2 of the articles of sports club association of “Fun Timez spordiklubi” during the season. The supports are mainly aimed at preparing club member Juho Mattus to participate in sports competition listed in the race schedule which is brought out on the webpage.

The funds raised from the supporters will be used prudently, purposefully and expediently. If collected support cannot be used for the purpose, collector will inform the supporter about the details and give an opportunity to repay the supported amount of funds or agree using the support in the future with the supporter.

The goal of collecting support is mainly connected to reach to the competitions brought out in race Schedule. These competitions will take place thru the year. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to participate at that competition because of the very large amount of self-financing.

The estimated budget for participating in Estonian and foreign competitions is approximately 12 000.- EUR.

If due to financial shortfalls it is not possible to participate in 100 percent of the competitions in the schedule, these events will be marked as strikethrough text with a comment in the race schedule list.

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy (juhomattus.ee) governs the management of supporter information. The data processor is FUN TIMEZ SPORTS CLUB (MTÜ, Registry code: 80553492, registered office: Harju county, Viimsi, Hüatsindi tee 1, 74001, hereinafter referred as the processor). Data will be processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. The processor shall ensure that its databases / servers where the personal data is stored are secure. There are also secure data exchange protocols that are protected by the General Data Protection Regulation.

Personal Data to be processed is data provided by the supporter when entering data while making bank transfer. This information includes, for example, the name of the supporter, e-mail address, telephone number and other information needed to make a payment. 

Personal data will only be processed for the purpose of making a support (payment/transfer) and in the case of prize draws, for the purpose of announcing the results of prize and delivering the prize to the winner. The processor shall keep the personal data of the supporter confidential and shall comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation. The processor shall not divulge to third parties any information that has come to its knowledge beyond what is necessary to affect a payment or if it is necessary for the delivery of the prize in order to provide the courier service. The processor will publish the names of the supporters on its website as a thank-you note (unless the sponsor has ticked the appropriate “anonymous supporter” box and does not wish to have their name published on the website (juhomattus.ee)).

The payment between the supporter and the payment center (the company providing the service to facilitate the transfer: Maksekeskus AS, reg no. 12268475) is encrypted, which ensures the security of the personal data and bank details of the supporter. The processor does not have access to the supporter’s confidential bank and debit card details.